TDS-3 Handheld Meter

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The TDS-3 Handheld Meter is a compact, reliable, and accurate device that measures the total amount of dissolved solids, such as minerals, salts, or metals, in a specific volume of water. It utilizes advanced microprocessor technology and is suitable for a variety of water testing applications, including water purification, wastewater regulation, aquaculture, hydroponics, and colloidal silver production. It comes with a carrying case and can be used by both consumers and professionals.


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Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which is a measure of conductivity, is reported in either parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/L). It represents any inorganic, conductive elements present in water, in addition to pure water molecules (H2O) and suspended solids. High TDS levels may indicate the presence of harmful contaminants that can cause health risks or reduce the effectiveness of the water.

The TDS-3 Handheld Meter offers several key features and benefits including:

  • High level of efficiency and accuracy for measuring Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in water.
  • The ability to save measurements for easy reading and recording.
  • An energy-saving feature that automatically turns off the device after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve battery life.
  • A measurement range of 0-9990 ppm, with a resolution of 1ppm for levels between 0-999 ppm and 10 ppm for levels between 1000-9990 ppm.
  • A built-in digital thermometer for measuring water temperature.
  • A large and easy-to-read LCD screen display.
  • Calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution.
  • An optional “x10” mode that only reads in increments of 10 ppm (0-9990 ppm).



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