Digital Grain Moisture Meter MD7822 – Accurately Measure Grain Moisture for Optimal Harvest Quality!

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  • Accurate moisture measurements for wheat, maize (corn), rice, and other grains.
  • Prevent grain spoilage and ensure optimal quality.
  • User-friendly design for easy operation.
  • Clear LCD display for real-time moisture readings.
  • Compact and portable, ideal for on-the-go use on the farm.
  • Advanced sensing mechanism guarantees precise moisture testing.
  • Expertly calibrated for reliable and accurate results.
  • Long-lasting battery life for extended usage during busy harvest seasons.
  • Essential tool for farmers, grain handlers, and food processors.
  • Take control of your harvest’s destiny and maximize profits.

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Harvesting and storing grains like wheat, maize (corn), and rice is no longer a guessing game! The Digital Grain Moisture Meter MD7822 is your ultimate solution to accurately measure the moisture content in your precious harvest, ensuring optimal quality and longevity. Say goodbye to grain spoilage and hello to peace of mind with this easy-to-use and efficient handheld device.

Key Features:

1. Precise LCD Display: The MD7822 features a clear LCD screen that presents moisture readings with utmost clarity. Effortlessly keep track of the moisture levels in your grains in real-time.

2. Comprehensive Moisture Testing: The advanced sensing mechanism of the MD7822 guarantees accurate moisture testing for wheat, maize (corn), rice, and other compatible grains. Feel confident in your grain’s condition before storage or processing.

3. Portable and User-Friendly: Designed with convenience in mind, this handheld moisture meter is compact and easy to carry around your farm. No complicated setups or extensive training required – just point, test, and obtain results in seconds.

4. Optimal Calibration and Accuracy: Our team of experts ensures that each MD7822 unit is carefully calibrated to deliver reliable and precise readings. Trust in the accuracy of our product to make informed decisions for your harvest.

5. Long-lasting Battery Life: Powered by batteries, the MD7822 is ready to work tirelessly alongside you during your busy harvest season. No need to worry about power outlets or recharging.

Why Choose MD7822?

With the Digital Grain Moisture Meter MD7822, you take control of your harvest’s destiny. Prevent potential losses due to excess moisture or ensure that your grains meet the desired moisture levels for optimal processing. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer, a grain handler, or a food processor, this moisture tester is an indispensable tool to safeguard your investment and maximize profits.


  • Moisture Range: 5% – 30%
  • Accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Grains Supported: Wheat, Maize (Corn), Rice, and more
  • Display: LCD Screen
  • Power Supply: Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: [Dimensions]

Don’t leave your harvest’s fate to chance! Join the ranks of satisfied farmers who have made the Digital Grain Moisture Meter MD7822 an essential part of their operations. Invest in the future of your grain’s quality and ensure success with every harvest. Order yours today and embrace the power of precision!

How to Use the Grain Moisture Meter

The Digital Grain Moisture Meter MD7822 is used to measure the moisture content in grains such as wheat, maize (corn), rice, and other compatible grains. Here’s how it is typically used:

  1. Preparation: Ensure the MD7822 is powered on and has a sufficient battery charge. Clean the grain moisture meter’s probes to remove any debris or residue from previous measurements.
  2. Sample Collection: Take a representative sample of the grain you want to test. It is essential to collect a representative sample that accurately reflects the moisture content of the entire batch.
  3. Insert Probes: Gently insert the probes of the MD7822 into the sample of grains. Make sure the probes reach the core of the grain to obtain an accurate moisture reading.
  4. Wait for the Reading: Wait for a few seconds for the moisture meter to stabilize and provide a reading. The digital LCD display will show the moisture percentage of the grain.
  5. Record the Result: Take note of the moisture reading displayed on the screen. Some moisture meters may have the option to store or log readings for future reference.
  6. Repeat if Necessary: For the most accurate results, you can take multiple measurements at different points in the batch and then calculate an average moisture content.
  7. Interpretation: Compare the moisture readings with the appropriate target moisture levels for the specific grain you are testing. This will help you determine whether the grain is suitable for storage or requires further drying before processing.
  8. Maintenance: After use, clean the probes and store the MD7822 in a safe and dry place.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines provided in the user manual for proper usage, calibration, and maintenance of the Digital Grain Moisture Meter MD7822 to ensure accurate and reliable results.


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